The story of Melaya began in 2012 when we received our first bee hive from a beekeeper friend. Being a lover of nature, Christoph was so fascinated with these little hardworking creatures that he began to study extensively about beekeeping,  learning about them and eventually started their own honey harvesting farm.

The directions were clear from the start. Honey should be produced in the most natural ways that bees are accustomed to traditionally. So, that means letting the bees build their own honeycombs and no cutting of drone cells. We also support swarming in our hives and minimize disturbance to the bee; encouraging reproduction of the bees naturally.

The results of Melaya’s dedicated beekeeping practices are happier, healthier bees that thrive and premium, raw Swiss honey produced in finest quality. Melaya honey are raw, unpasteurised and unheated, maintaining the enzymes, pollens and nutrients when it was first bottled.